How does broadband affect communities? How do they benefit by capatilizing on this resource?

Speed and Reliability

Municipal networks often create more redundancy in their fiber rings, creating more reliability. Fully fiber optic networks also offer the potential for speeds that far outstrip anything you could get from legacy copper, or cable lines.

Economic Engine

Fully fiber networks that blanket cities are powerful economic forces that have the potential to create thousands of jobs, and hundreds of millions in economic development.

Digital Divide

The digital divide is threatening to leave America's poorest communities even further behind than they already are. As internet access becomes even more important in our daily lives, there are still those who do not even have basic access.

Anchor Institutions

Anchor institutions are at the heart of any community. For Buffalo to have a successful network down the line, these institutions, schools, college campuses, hospitals, municipal buildings, and big businesses will have to be wired early on, creating the foundation of a larger network in the future.


Whether it be for graduate research, or elementary school homework, equal access for students is essential for creating a system that gives all students a fair shot at a decent education.


In our current situation, we have two providers, Time Warner and Verizon, who own their own closed-access networks, and thereby have a duopoly on service that leads to slow speeds and higher prices for everyone. If Buffalo or Erie County create an open-access network, we could ensure that all ISPs are competing on a level playing field with each other, ensuring the promises of an open and free market are met.

Fiber To-The Home

Fiber internet access in one's home can add thousands of dollars to its value. Home-owners are wanting faster connections more and more--whether it be for Netflix, gaming, or homework for kids.

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