About Us and Our Mission


City of Light 2.0 seeks to develop Buffalo and Erie County's broadband infrastructure and bring more affordable, reliable and faster internet to our region.


Buffalo has a storied history with electrification; as a foundation for economic growth and development, electricity changed how we power our world and gave us the nickname the City of Light.

Today, broadband fiber-optic infrastructure is changing how we know our world and has just as much, if not more, potential to alter our future.

City of Light 2.0 believes Buffalo can once again be at the forefront of innovation and development by expanding a locally-controlled fiber-optic network. We believe this technology can be harnessed to benefit the community and propel our city once again to great heights.

Knowing the importance of working together, City of Light 2.0 seeks to build a coalition that comprises numerous city and regional interests--including economic development, education, digital divide, and fiber-to-the-home, that will incentivize progress on all levels towards a network that truly benefits Buffalo and the WNY region.

The Nickel City.
The Queen City.
The City of No Illusions.
The City of Light.

What’s in a name? The Buffalo experience is hard to distill down to a few words. But City of Light…that stands out. And for good reason.

In our heyday we were a center of innovation. A hub of creativity. A fountain of wealth, prosperity, and opportunity.

And there was electricity. There was light.

We were one of the first in the world to have widespread electrification. We roared into the 20th century on the back of that civilization changing innovation, thinking the good times were limitless and unending.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned afterwards. But we took our punches. We endured.

And now we’re here: over a hundred years later with an even greater opportunity. The web has transformed our world and Buffalo is on the way back up. A new Buffalo demands a new conduit to knowledge, success, and opportunity to put us in a position to thrive the same way electricity enabled our 20th century prosperity.

City of Light 2.0 is a citizen’s movement to bring affordable gigabit fiber service to the City of Buffalo. We believe a world class network that truly serves the public interest is an essential need to help further our renaissance, build Buffalo businesses, enhance our educational institutions, and bridge the digital divide for those most in need.

View More Resources about The City Of Light 2.0 and Municipal Broadband here.

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